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Speed and efficiency of femtosecond spin current injection into a nonmagnetic material

Phys. Rev. B 96, 100403(R) – Published 14 September 2017


We investigate femtosecond spin injection from an optically excited Ni top layer into an Au bottom layer using time-resolved complex magneto-optical Kerr effect (C-MOKE) measurements. Employing the C-MOKE formalism, we are able to follow layer-resolved demagnetization in Ni and the simultaneous spin injection into the adjacent Au film, both occurring within ∼40fs. We confirm the ballistic to diffusive propagation of the spin transfer process with ab initio theory and superdiffusive transport calculations. In particular, our combined experimental-theoretical effort does allow us to quantify the so far elusive amount of spin injection, and therefore the spin injection efficiency at the interface.

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