Workgroup Prof. Aeschlimann

Momentum and Energy Dissipation of Hot Electrons in Solids

Momentum and energy scattering processes of hot charge and spin carriers play a crucial role for many fundamental and device relevant phenomena ranging from photocatalysis and light harvesting to spin filtering at interfaces.

In our research, we particular focus on

  • Momentum-dependent lifetime of electrons in metals
  • Energy and momentum dissipation mechanisms of surface and interface states
  • Spin injection phenomena at interfaces between low dimensional materials and magnetic surfaces

These studies are conducted using time-resolved 2-photon photoemission spectroscopy and time-resolved 2-photon momentum microscopy. In this pump-probe study, a first femtosecond laser pulse optically excites electrons in the excited state range while the second probe pulse photoexcites carriers into the vacuum at a well-defined time-delay where they are detected using state-of-the-art photoemission detector systems.

Selected Publications

  • Time-resolved two-photon momentum microscopy– A new approach to study hot carrier lifetimes in momentum space
    F. Haag, T. Eul, P. Thielen, N. Haag., B. Stadtmüller, M. Aeschlimann
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 103104 (2019); and highlighted in Scilight 2019, 411103 (2019)
  • Dynamic spin filtering at the Co/Alq3 interface mediated by weakly coupled second layer molecules
    A. Droghetti, P. Thielen, I. Rungger, N. Haag, N. Grossmann, J. Stöckl, B. Stadtmüller, M. Aeschlimann, S. Sanvito, M. Cinchetti
    Nat. Commun. 7, 12668 (2016)
  • Hot electron lifetimes in metals probed by time-resolved two-photon photoemission
    M. Bauer, A. Marienfeld, M. Aeschlimann
    Prog. Surf. Sci. 90 (3), 319–376 (2015)
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