Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Urbassek

Group Seminar SS 2022, Tuesday, 18:00, Building 46/387+388

03.05.2022Vardan VardanyanCyclic indentation of glass
10.05.2022Jakob HerzSCO crystals
31.05.2022René Hafner               Drug removal using proteins
07.06.2022Maureen L. NietiadiCO- and CO2-cluster collisions
14.06.2022Philipp UmstätterCollisions of dirty ice clusters
28.06.2022Rahul Bandyopadhyay    Dust and molecules in planetary nebulae
05.07.2022Arash KardaniPlastic deformation mechanisms of Ta/Cu nanocomposites
(evtl.über “Zoom”)
12.07.2022Iyad AlhafezScratching of rough surfaces


Group Seminar WS 2021/22, Tuesday, 18:00 "ZOOM"

02.11.2021Robert MeyerInfluence of vacancies on magnetism in Fe
30.11.2021Herbert M. Urbasseksafety measure
07.12.2021Maureen L. NietiadiPeripheral collisions of Lennard-Jones clusters   
14.12.2021Philipp UmstätterPower tools                        
11.01.2022Philipp Umstätter    Spectroscopy & cosmology
18.01.2022Robert MeyerFrom analog to digital - the digital labbook elabFTW
25.01.2022Philipp Umstätter
Vardan Vardanyan
Hardness of polycrystalline metalls
01.02.2022Iyad AlhafezIndentation into binary alloys                               
08.02.2022René Hafner            Bulk viscosity of water: influence of thermostats


Group Seminar SS 2021, Tuesday, 16:00 "ZOOM"

20.04.2021Vardan VardanyanMachining of pc-Al: distortion effects
27.04.2021Maureen L. Nietiadi Peripheral collisions of ice-shell grains
04.05.2021Karina Avila Indentation of amorphous-crystalline interfaces
11.05.2021Philipp Umstättertikz
25.05.2021Simon GaaOlivine irradiation III
01.06.2021Arash KardaniMechanical properties of Ta-Cu composites
08.06.2021Iyad AlhafezSurface grinding with an adhesive tool
15.06.2021Christian AndersIrradiation of cryogenic ices
22.06.2021Philipp UmstätterChondrite collisions
06.07.2021René HafnerAdaptive free-energy methods and applications
13.07.2021Robert MeyerApplications of SLD simulations: from nano particles to large-scale defective metal samples
20.07.2021Vardan VardanyanNi-graphene composites

Group Seminar WS 2020/2021, Tuesday, 16:00 in 46-576

27.10.2020René HafnerDiffusion study: Characterization of Langevin thermostat
03.11.2020Karina AvilaShear-band interaction
10.11.2020Maureen NietiadiCollisions of ice-mantled silica grains
24.11.2020Vardan VardanyanIndentation of crystal glass system
15.12.2020Philipp UmstätterGranular Mechanical Friction in MD Simulations
12.01.2021Simon GaaOlivene irradiation
19.01.2021Robert MeyerSpin-/Lattice-simulations of iron nano spheres
26.01.2021Christian AndersSputtering of ice-surfaces
02.02.2020Iyad AlhafezDrilling and grinding

Group seminar SS 2020, Tuesday, 17:15, Online Seminar in zoom

28.04.2020Vardan VardanjanLAMMPS scripting
05.05.2020Karina AvilaGlasses
12.05.2020Kemal SarikayaNanoparticle collisions
19.05.2020Simon GaaIrradiation of olivine
16.06.2020René HafnerDiffusion
23.06.2020Robert MeyerSpin-lattice simulations with LAMMPS
30.06.2020Philipp UmstätterChondrites: Building algorithm. Excursion: Machine Learning
30.07.2020Christian AndersOrganics in space

Group Seminar WS 2019/2020, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

05.11.2019Karina AvilaPlastic zone formed in nanoindentation of metallic glasses
12.11.2019Robert MeyerVibrational signatures of extended defects in Fe
26.11.2019Maureen NietiadiCollisions of hydroxylated silica spheres
03.12.2019Jerome MeiserFree-energy calculations
10.12.2019 Iyad AlhafezInfluence of the rake angle in nanocutting
17.12.2019Philipp UmstätterComparison of collisions of monodisperse clusters and MRN clusters
21.01.2020René HafnerMolecule adsorption on crystalline polymer surfaces
28.01.2020Christian AndersOrganic matter as glue for cosmic grains
04.02.2020Vardan VardanyanDistortion effects in polycrystalline Al
11.02.2020Kemal SarikayaCollisions of metal clusters

Group Seminar SS 2019, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

16.04.2019Christian AndersSwift-ion-induced resorption of glycine from water ice
23.04.2019Simon GaaPhotometric measurements of the dark sky in Pfälzerwald
30.04.2019Robert RauterSpin-switching in polymeric SCO molecules
07.05.2019Karina AvilaScratching of metallic glasses
14.05.2019 Iyad AlhafezInfluence of pre-existing plasticity on nanoindentation
21.05.2019Marjan A. NejadBN sheets for drug delivery systems
28.05.2019Maureen L. NietiadiCarbon nanoparticle collisions
04.06.2019Philipp UmstätterCollisions of granular clusters with MRN size distribution
11.06.2019René HamburgerAdaptive biasing force method
16.07.2019Vardan VardanyanGraphene in metals

Group Seminar WS 2018/2019, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

23.10.2018Jerome MeiserPhase transformations in iron
06.11.2018Karina AvilaNanoindentation in metallic glasses
20.11.2018Robert RauterPhonon spectra of strained metals
27.11.2018Maureen L. NietiadiCollisions of silica and water nanoparticles
04.12.2018René HamburgerInteraction of drug molecules with polymeric membranes
11.12.2018Philipp UmstätterEnergy dissipation in collisions of dust-covered chondrules, collisions of polydisperse granular aggregates
18.12.2018Marjan A. NejadAdsorption of monoclonal antibodies on functionalized silica surfaces
15.01.2019Christian AndersSulfur impacts on Europa's surface
22.01.2019Iyad AlhafezMachining of high-entropy alloys
29.01.2019Vardan VardanyanGraphene-Ni nanocomposites

Group Seminar SS 2018, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

10.04.2018Vardan VardanyanChip formation in cutting
06.11.2018Peter Klein u. René HamburgerWater treatment: materials and process simulation / Keratin binds pharmaceutical drugs
08.05.2018Stefan Küchemann u. Karina AvilaBulk metallic glasses
22.05.2018Marjan A. NejadChemoimmunotherapy
29.05.2018Philipp UmstätterCluster analysis in granular mechanics
05.06.2018Zhibo ZhandCracks in Compounds
12.06.2018Christian AndersEuropa
19.06.2018Robert RauterSpin crossover materials
26.06.2018Iyad AlhafezCyclic indentation
10.07.2018Maureen L. NietiadiSputtering of SiGe targets

Group Seminar WS 2017/2018, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

07.11.2017Jerome MeiserMartensitic transformation: influence of pre-existent plasticity
14.11.2017Andreas MutterPhonon spectra of defective Fe
12.12.2017Herbert M. UrbassekReport on Astrobiology Conference
09.01.2018Christian AndersLaboratory Astrophysics
16.01.2018Philipp UmstätterCollisions of dust-covered chondrules
23.01.2018Marjan A. NejadEffect of surface functionalization on drug delivery
30.01.2018Vardan VardanyanAl-Si interface during nanomachining
06.02.2018Maureen L. NietiadiBouncing collisions of nanoparticles

Group Seminar SS 2017, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

24.04.2017WACOMTablet presentation
02.05.2017Jerome MeiserEffect of impurities on the martensite transformation in Fe
16.05.2017Christian MückschInteraction of the acetylcholine receptor with ethanol
23.05.2017Iyad AlhafezPlastic zone in scratching
30.05.2017Maureen L. NietiadiWater empanadas
06.06.2017Philipp UmstätterCluster collisions: Morse potential
13.06.2017Christian AndersWhere is Sulphur in Europa?
20.06.2017Vardan VardanyanStructure of the Al/Si interface
27.06.2017Marjan A. NejadCisplatin in silica nanopores
04.07.2017Andreas MutterPhonons in MD
11.07.2017Zhibo ZhangCutting of Al/Si composites

Group Seminar WS 2016/2017, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

22.11.2016Zhibo ZhangMachining the Al/Si interface
29.11.2016Philipp UmstätterPhysics of galaxies
13.12.2016Marjan A. NejadTargeted drug delivery
20.12.2016Andreas MutterMagnetism at Fe grain boundaries
10.01.2017Iyad AlhafezMachining with adhesive tips
17.01.2017Jerome MeiserPhase transformation of iron alloys: Free-energy calculations for dilute
24.01.2017Christian AndersInteraction of Jovian magnetospheric ions with ice surfaces
31.01.2017Maureen L. NietiadiGrain collisions

Group Seminar SS 2016, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

19.04.2016Iyad ALhafezInfluence of tip geometry on nanocutting
26.04.2016Christian MückschStreptadivin adsorption on rutile and graphite
31.05.2016Jerome MeiserThe martensite transformation of iron: orientation relationships
07.06.2016Zhibo ZhangCutting of Al/Si composites
14.06.2016Christian Anders and Martin MainitzIon irradiation of ices
28.06.2016./.Energy dissipation in collisions of dust-covered chondrules, collisions of polydisperse granular aggregates
05.07.2016Marjan A. NejadInsulin adsorption on silica
12.07.2016Andreas MutterMagnetic moments in molecular dynamics
19.07.2016Maureen L. NietiadiSputtering of membranes and mixtures

Group Seminar WS 2015/2016, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

27.10.2015Martin MainitzIrradiation of cosmic ice grains
27.10.2015Marjan A. NejadPET imaging
03.11.2015Christian MückschAccelerated Steered Molecular Dynamics
24.11.2015Christian AndersCluster Impact on Au Foams
01.12.2015Nina GunkelmannShock-Induced Phase Transformations
08.12.2015Andreas MutterBond valence model
12.01.2016Zhibo ZhangNanoindentation of an Al/Si interface
19.01.2016Jerome Meisertba
02.02.2016Iyad AlhafezNanocutting
09.02.2016Yu Gaotba

Group Seminar WS 2014/2015, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-388

04.11.2014Riser FahrdiranLaser irradiation of nanospheres
11.11.2014Maureen L. NietiadiIon impact on graphene
18.11.2014Christian AndersChemistry in ion irradiated ices
25.11.2014Nina GunkelmannShocks and recovery iron
02.12.2014Zhibo ZhangNanomachining of Al and of SiC
13.01.2015Emilia Sak-Saracinoalpha-gamma transformation of Fe_xNi_1-x
20.01.2015Christian MückschDoes hydrocarbon contamination on graphite affect protein adsorption?
27.01.2015Jan JanßenC in Fe grain boundaries
03.02.2015Iyad AlhafezDislocations in Ti
10.02.2015Yu GaoHall-Petch effect in nano-crystalline Fe

Group Seminar SS 2014, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387-388

29.04.2014Riser FahrdiranDiffraction profiles from molecular dynamics
13.05.2014Christian AndersMolecular Dynamics on GPUs
20.05.2014Emilia Sak-SaracinoDFT on SIESTA
27.05.2014Binjun WangInfluence of surfaces on solid-solid phase transitions
03.06.2014Christian AndersSPuttering of ice surfaces by the solar wind
17.06.2014Yaroslav CherednikovDFT
24.06.2014Maureen L. NietiadiSputtering of spheres
01.07.2014Jan JanßenGrain boundaries in Fe
24.06.2014Yu GaoMachining of Fe
22.07.2014Iyad AlhafezIndentation into Ti

Group Seminar WS 2013/2014, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/388-387

29.10.2013Riser FahrdiranLaser ablation
05.11.2013Christian AndersShocks in (organic) ices
12.11.2013Yu GaoMachining
19.11.2013Binjun WangMagnetic potentials
26.11.2013EMilia Sak-SaracinoIron alloys
03.12.2013Maureen L. NietiadiSputtering of spheres
04.02.2014Christian MückschProtein adsorption

Group Seminar SS 2013, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

16.04.2013Christian AndersSPuttering of nanoporous Au
23.04.2013Riser FahdiranLaser ablation of Lennard-Jones thin films
30.04.2013Binjun WangInfluence of shear strain on the bss <-> fcc transition in Fe
14.05.2013Sineng SunCalculation of the band gap in titania
21.05.2013Maureen L. NietiadiInfluence of surface curvature on sputtering
04.06.2013Yu GaoDislocations in bcc Fe
11.06.2013Christian MückschSputtering of phenylalanine
16.06.2013Emilia SakSolid-state phase transitions in the Fe-C system
25.06.2013Yaroslav CherednikovColor centers and their effect on laser ablation

Group Seminar WS 2012/2013, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

06.11.2012Christian AndersCLuster impact into Bi-Ge
13.11.2012Yu GaoIndentation and scratching of Fe surfaces
20.11.2012Sineng SunQuantization of atomic motion
27.11.2012Binjun WangSize and pressure dependence of the martensite transformation
04.12.2012Yaroslav CherednikovStrong excitation effects in LiF
11.12.2012Maureen L. NietiadiSputtering of Si nanowires
18.12.2012Emilia SakThermodynamics of Fe-C martensite
15.01.2013Jan Janßentba
22.01.2013Riser FahdiranAl ablation
29.01.2013Christian MückschAccelerated MD

Group Seminar SS 2012, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

24.04.2012Yu GaoIndentation and scratching of Fe
08.05.2012Christian MückschAdsorption of proteins on surfaces
15.05.2012Jan JanßenTraffic simulation
05.06.2012Riser FahdiranPhotoemission
12.06.2012Emilia SakPhase transitions in the Fe-C system
19.06.2012Christian AndersEnergetic impacts in cosmic ice surfaces
03.07.2012Binjun WangPhase transitions in Fe: influence of a fcc/bcc interface
03.07.2012Yaroslav CherednikovColor Centers in LiF
17.07.2012Nina GunkelmannShocks in Fe Polycrystals

Group Seminar WS 2011/2012, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

25.10.2011Yudi RosandiSubsurface channeling of Si
08.11.2011Sineng SunFragmentation of water droplets
22.11.2011Yu Gao & Emilia SakProject presentation
29.11.2011Maureen L. NietiadiSputtering of Si
06.12.2011Nina GunkelmannElastic properties of martensit
13.12.2011Yaroslav CherednikovElectronic sputtering
20.12.2011Binjun WangInterfaces in Fe
10.01.2012Riser FahdiranDynamics of photoemitted electrons
17.01.2012Jan JanßenSmoothed particle hydrodynamics
24.01.2012Christian RinglSound velocity in porous materials
31.01.2012Christian AndersImpact into Ge

Group Seminar SS 2011, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

26.04.2011Maureen L. NietiadiDisordered excitons in cylindrical aggregates
03.05.2011Sineng SunCluster-wall collisions
24.05.2011Jan JanßenReport on LINUX Day
07.06.2011Yudi RosandiLaser melting of Al
21.06.2011Binjun WangSurfaces and interfaces of metallic systems
05.07.2011Katrin StöbenerThesis report
12.07.2011Christian AndersBi cluster impact into Ge
19.07.2011Christian RinglCollisions of porous clusters

Group Seminar WS 2010/2011, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

09.11.2010Katrin StöbenerAdhäsionsphänomene von Polymeren unter hydrodynamischen Randbedingungen
16.11.2010Sineng SunLaserbestrahlung von Wasser
23.11.2010Christian RinglKompaktifizierung von Staubagglomeraten
30.11.2010Jan JanßenBackup
07.12.2010Yaroslav CherednikovAblation von LiF
14.12.2010Christian AndersNe-Einschlag in molekulare Eise
21.12.2010Binjun WangPhasenumwandlung in dünnen Eisenfilmen
18.01.2011Christian MückschProteinadsorption auf Graphit

Group Seminar SS 2010, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

20.04.2010Jan JanßenQueuing systems for clusters
27.04.2010Yudi RosandiLaser cleaning
04.05.2010Christian RinglGranular mechanics goes 3D
18.05.2010David KöpferActivation, inactivation and blockade of hERG potassium channels
01.06.2010Yaroslav CherednikovX-ray ablation of dielectrics
08.06.2010Christian AndersSputtering of an Ar vs an oxygen target
15.06.2010Christian MückschProtein-surface interface
22.06.2010Binjun WangSolid-solid phase transitions
29.06.2010Sineng SunHydration shell of organic molecules: normal-mode analysis

Group Seminar WS 2009/2010, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/388

10.11.2009David KöpferStructure and activity of membrane proteins
17.11.2009Jan JanßenVirtualization
08.12.2009Christian AndersStopping of clusters in matter
15.12.2009Luis SandovalMagnetism in molecular dynamics
05.01.2010Yudi RosandiLaser ablation of Al
12.01.2010Christian RinglCollisions of dust aggregates
26.01.2010Sineng SunMass spectrometry of solvated polymers
02.02.2010Gerolf ZiegenhainIndentation of nanostructured surfaces
09.02.2010Binjun WangMartensitic transformation in Fe, Ti, Zr
16.02.2010Yaroslav CherednikovWater

Group Seminar SS 2009, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/388

21.04.2009Herbert UrbassekExternal heating in MD
26.05.2009Philipp Khuc TrongModeling PAR polarity in C. elegans - Parameter and phase space analysis of a reaction-diffusion system
09.06.2009Saravana PrakashProtein isolation with IDEM and LILBID
16.06.2009Christian AndersDissociation energy effects in sputtering of molecular targets
23.06.2009Sineng SunMolecule excitation in laser irradiation and impact processes
30.06.2009Yudi RosandiLaser ablation of Al
07.07.2009Luis SandovalSolid-Solid phase transitions in nanowires
14.07.2009Christian RinglGranular mechanics of dust cakes
21.07.2009Gerolf ZiegenhainCluster billiard

Group Seminar WS 2008/2009, Tuesday, 17:15 in 45/323

11.11.2008Philipp Khuc TrongSymmetry breaking and PAR polarity in C. elegans
02.12.2008Saravana PrakashVibrational spectra of biomolecules
09.12.2008Yudi RosandiIon interaction with surfaces
16.12.2008Christian AndersCrater formation
06.01.2009Luis SandovalFe nanowires
13.01.2009Gerolf ZiegenhainCluster-cluster collisions
20.01.2009Sineng SunDroplet fragmentation
27.01.2009Christian RinglGranular mechanics of dust cakes
03.02.2009Saravana PrakashMass spectrometry techniques: electrospray, LILBID, IDEM
10.02.2009Gerolf ZiegenhainVelocity dependence of nanoindentation

Group Seminar SS 2008, Thursday, 10:15 in 46/387

29.05.2008Nikita MedvedevMonte Carlo simulation of electronic excitation after swift heavy ion irradiation
05.06.2008Orkhan OsmaniInsulator irradiation with swift heavy ions: electronic stopping and heat transfer mechanisms
12.06.2008Gerolf ZiegenhainInfluence of materials properties on nanoindentation
19.06.2008Luis Sandovalinfluence of electronic stopping on sputtering by cluster impact
26.06.2008Christian AndersIon-induced desorption of Au clusters off graphite
03.07.2008Saravana PrakashSimulation of the LILBID mechanism
10.07.2008Yudi RosandiSurface mobility

Group Seminar WS 2007/2008, Tuesday, 13:45 in 45/323

03.11.2007Gerolf ZiegenhainPlasticity Under Nanoindentation
20.11.2007Luis SandovalChaos
27.11.2007Christian AndersSolar Physics
04.12.2007Yudi RosandiObject-oriented molecular dynamics
11.12.2007Christian AndersSputtering of ices
18.12.2007Saravana PrakashSimulation of biomolecules: a historical perspective
22.01.2007Luis SandovalSolid-solid phase transitions in Fe nanowires
05.02.2008Yudi RosandiEffect of surface defects on sputtering
12.02.2008Gerolf ZiegenhainNanoscratching
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