Six reasons for Advanced Quantum Physics

Qualify for research and development

No matter if you aim to work in academia, business or industry: our Master's program will provide you with everything you need for your career. Our alumni excel in leading positions in fields ranging from optical technologies and semiconductor industry to top-level consulting and finance.

Explore the quantum world

Are you also fascinated with surprising and counter-intuitive phenomena of quantum physics? Our Master's will let you explore the full width and depth of such quantum effects in theory as well as in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Learn the science that will drive tomorrow's technology

Quantum technology is constantly evading technologies in communication, computation, sensing and many others. They emerge from well-known enabling technologies such as micro optics, nano structuring or numerics. Our Master's will give you a solid background in these technologies and make you fit for your future career.

Bring the quantum theory into the real world

Our Master's will bring you right into our research groups where you can study, explore and realise your favourite quantum project. 

Be part of cutting edge research and technology 

Profit from close collaboration between theoretical and experimental research at a top level to see novel prediction come true in our laboratories. Our Master's will give you access to state-of-the-art equipment in quantum technology and theory to realise your ideas.

Join the world-wide network of quantum researchers

Our research is strongly connected to a large international network. Our Master's will give you access to these connections and will thus open the scientific world for you.