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4. Outlook - control of the Na3** collision complex

Upon achievement of the desired energy resolution of the ion imaging, it will be implemented to study the mechanisms of the DCT process (2). In fact, the Na2(v") + Na**(nl) collisions leading to the formation of a highly excited  complex is an interesting process to study due to various ionisation channels through which the  complex can decay:







Ionisation channel

Threshold energy [eV]

Na2 (X 1Sg+ ,v??) + Na** (nl)





Na- + Na+ + Na


Na2 + Na++ e-


Na2++ Na + e-


Na2- + Na+


Na2++ Na -




The threshold energies are given in terms of total (electronic, vibrational, and rotational) energy deposited in the Na2 + Na colliding system. Besides the manipulation of the ionisation channels by control of the electronic and vibrational excitation of atoms and molecules, also schemes for coherent laser control are thinkable.



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