Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Bergmann

STIRAP-Symposium 2015

Early bird registration (valid before May 15)

Regular registration (valid May 15 until July 15)

Poster submission (valid before July 15)

If you still want to register and/or submit a poster then contact the symposium-chair at bergmann(at)


Monday, Sept. 21 or

Tuesday, Sept. 22, by noon

Tuesday, Sept. 22

14:00 (2.p.m.) start of symposium

evening lecture by K. Bergmann

Wednesday, Sept. 23

symposium, lectures start at 9:15

evening concert by Brass Group Rennquintett

Thursday, Sept. 24

symposium, lectures start at 9:15

conference dinner with entertaining magic physics demonstrations

Friday, Sept. 25

symposium, lectures start at 9:15

end of symposium at about 12:30


Friday, Sept. 25, afternoon or

Saturday, Sept. 26

Zum Seitenanfang