SS 2019

Quantum Optics


Monday, 10:00 - 11:30

Friday, 11:45 - 13:15

Lecture Hall



OLAT repository

Further information as well as lecture notes, problem sets and supplementary information is provided in OLAT:

Tutorials and Exercises

Tutorials are held Wednesday, 8:15-9:45 in lecture hall 46-270. The problem sets will mainly concern original publications on topics relevant for the lecture.

Rules to certify successful completion

Advanced Quantum Master

Short (online-)test or conversation (on groups) in the last lecture week. Certifies "regular and active participation" for Quantum Optics I and Quantum Optics II.

Optional, the tutorials can be included. The certificate can be used for general Electives.

Physik Master - Physikalisches Wahlfach

Short (online-)test or conversation (on groups) in the last lecture week. Certifies "regelmäßige und aktive Teilnahme"


Come and see your instructor.

Topics covered

Content of the lecture, lecture notes as well as supplementary material is available online via OLAT. The access code will be distributed in the first lecture.

Topics covered include:

  • Semi-classical light-atom interaction
  • Experimental tools of quantum optics: Gaussian beams and nonlinear optics
  • Quantization of electromagnetic fields
  • Quantized light-atom interaction
  • Cavity quantum-electrodynamics
  • Photon statistics and correlations
  • Entangled photons
  • Applications of quantum correlations


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