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 Jens Nettersheim
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  1. Dynamical phase transition in an open quantum system
    Ling-Na Wu, Jens Nettersheim, Julian Feß, Alexander Schnell, Sabrina Burgardt, Silvia Hiebel, Daniel Adam, André Eckardt, Artur Widera
    preprint, arXiv:2208.05164


  1. Sensitivity of a collisional single-atom spin probe
    Jens Nettersheim, Quentin Bouton, Daniel Adam und Artur Widera
    SciPost Phys. Core 6, 009 (2023) · published 16 February 2023


  1. Power of a quasi-spin quantum Otto engine at negative effective temperature
    Jens Nettersheim, Sabrina Burgardt, Quentin Bouton, Daniel Adam, Eric Lutz and Artur Widera
    PRX Quantum 3, 040334 – Published 23 December 2022

  2. Coherent and dephasing spectroscopy for single-impurity probing of an ultracold bath
    Daniel Adam, Quentin Bouton, Jens Nettersheim, Sabrina Burgardt und Artur Widera
    Phys. Rev. Lett.129, 120404


  1. A quantum heat engine driven by atomic collisions
    Quentin Bouton, Jens Nettersheim, Sabrina Burgardt, Daniel Adam, Eric Lutz und Artur Widera
    Nature Communications12, 2063 (2021)


  1. Single-atom quantum probes for ultracold gases boosted by nonequilibrium spin dynamics
    Quentin Bouton, Jens Nettersheim, Daniel Adam, Felix Schmidt, Daniel Mayer, Tobias Lausch, Eberhard Tiemann und Artur Widera
    Phys. Rev. X10, 011018
    Featured in:Physics: Viewpoint Story


  1. Tailored single-atom collisions at ultra-low energies
    Felix Schmidt, Daniel Mayer, Quentin Bouton, Daniel Adam, Tobias Lausch, Jens Nettersheim, Eberhard Tiemann und Artur Widera
    Phys. Rev. Lett.122, 013401 (2019)
  2. Controlled doping of a bosonic quantum gas with single neutral atoms
    Daniel Mayer, Felix Schmidt, Daniel Adam, Steve Haupt, Jennifer Koch, Tobias Lausch, Jens Nettersheim, Quentin Bouton und Artur Widera
    J. Phys. B 52, 015301 (2019)
  3. Motional und Spin Dynamics of Individual Neutral Impurities in an Ultracold Gas
    Felix Schmidt, Daniel Mayer, Tobias Lausch, Daniel Adam, Quentin Bouton, Michael Hohmann, Farina Kindermann, Jennifer Koch, Jens Nettersheim und Artur Widera
    Phys. Status Solidi B 1800710 (2019)
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