Research in AG Optical Technologies and Photonics

The research in the AG Optical Technologies and Photonics spans the arc from the basics to the applications. Most doctoral theses are funded by the German Research Foundation and deal with topics in which optics and photonics play a decisive role.

Currently, the working group is involved in the State Research Centre OPTIMAS, three Collaborative Research Centres and a Priority Programme. It is also part of the research construction projects LASE and LPME. Applied topics with clear industrial relevance are worked on at the Fraunhofer ITWM in the Departmentfor Material Characterization and Testing. Members of the working group have also been involved in two spin-offs in recent years, Nanoscribe GmbH near Karlsruhe and Opti-Cal GmbH in Kaiserslautern.

Information on the individual research topics can be found in the subsections. Theses on all topics are possible after consultation.

3D Micro-Printing
Tailored disorder
Spin-Wave Optics