Workgroup Prof. Ott

Open positions

PhD and PostDoc positions

Are you interessted in a PhD or PostDoc position, please directly contact Prof. Herwig Ott. A first glance at our research profile can be found here.

Master and diploma projects

We offer regularly master and diploma projects in experimental quantum physics. Our reserach topics cover ultracold quantum gases, Rydberg atoms and Rydbert molecules as well as ion momentum spectroscopy.

You are welcome to join us! For more information, please directly contact Prof. Herwig Ott.

Student assistants

You are a student and you want to experience the atmosphere in a quantum optics lab? We have several small projects running, which allow you to get in touch with our research tools and which help us to advance our research.

Project for student assistants include

1. Setting up diode laser systems

2. Conception and fabrication of electronic circuits

3. Micro controller programming

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