1.          In case of fire 

2.          In case of emergency

3.     Radiation Protection using x-ray or ionizing rays  

4. Laser-safety:

·      Direct or reflected laser beam can cause damage to the eye and the skin

·      Never look directly into a laser beam! Follow the same rules for direct reflections of laser light from reflective surfaces!

·      Avoid reflections in use of tools and don´t wear watches or rings in the near of laser beams.

·      When alignment is completed, contain the beam path the best you can to prevent exposure to the laser beam.

·      Laser safety googles are necessery using class 3 and 4 lasers (f.e.Nd:YAB-laser, Diode laser spectroscopy, MOT, Raman). Take care of the manufactures´safety introductions.

·         Curtains and shields, beam stops have to be properly in place by leaving the experiment (Diode lasers should be shut off, BUT only the supervisor is allowed to switch gas lasers on or off!)

5.      Handling with liquide Nitrogen

6. Handling with electrical components

·         Never touch parts under voltage

·         Make or release connections and cables only potential free

·         If there is a danger: Push the emergency stop - red button at the entrance of the room (floor 1) or yellow box in front of the room (floor 3)!

7. Handling of gas bottles

·                     Gas bottles have to be fixed by chains or have to lie on the floor.

·                    Don’t change the type of the gas valves!

8. Working in closing time

·      At weekends (Saturday/Sunday) the labs are closed.

·      From Monday to Thursday it is possible to work after 6 pm. Then it is necessary to inform the supervisor and take care of special rules:.

·      Get the key of the lab by the technican or the supervisor!

·      Never work alone. It is necessary that always two persons are at the experiment!

·      Bring the key after closing all rooms on floor in the Postbox of the technican (Room 46/351)


Kaiserslautern, 11.02.2022


Dr. Christoph Döring

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