Sommersemester 2020

Advanced Photonics II

This lecture introduces the concepts of modern photonic materials. Part I focuses onto dielectric materials, part II onto metallic ones. We will discuss photonic crystals, photonic quasicrystals, disordered materials as well as the influence of topology.

This lecture is hold in English. We meet every Monday 13.45-15.15 in room 46-270, respectively online via BigBlueButton in OLAT.

Hauptseminar II (english)

In this seminar we work on THz physics, ranging from the fundamental to application. We will cover emitters and detectors, layer thickness measurement, terahertz tomography as well as terahertz quantum imaging.

The Seminar runs as online seminar every Tuesday 11:45-13:15. All details can be found on OLAT.


Im Projektseminar bearbeiten die Studierenden im Master TechnoPhysik insgesamt vier größere Versuche in den einzelnen Arbeitsgruppen aus der TechnoPhysik. Die Ergebnisse werden in einem Blockseminar in Vorträgen vorgestellt.


Donnerstag, 14:00-15:30 Uhr, Seminarraum 56-368