Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Hillebrands

Nanotechnologie 2

Dozent: Juniorprof. Dr. Evangelos Papaioannou



Mi, 10:00h, 46-388




Nanotechnology 2 is focused on the applications of Nanotechnology in different scientific directions in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine. The first lectures will be devoted to characterisation techniques in the nano-world (diffraction of X-rays, Synchrotron radiation, electron diffraction methods). The next lectures will be focused in sensors using molecules and nano magnets. In the subsequent lectures we will immerse ourselves in exciting advances in computer technology looking at the fascinating progress in random access memories (DRAM-MRAM). Nanotechnology 2 will also deal with networks based on the behaviour of photons and neutrons. The last lectures will be devoted to advances in micro mechanic circuits and their applications and to the medical applications of nanotechnology.


Note: Nanotechnology 1 is NOT a prerequisite to follow Nanotechnology 2. We are all very welcome.



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