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Seminare und Vorträge im Wintersemester 2023/24

23.10.202317:1546/270Dr. Alex Cerjan, Sandia National Labs.An Operator-Based Approach to Topological Physics: Band Structures and Bloch Eigenstates not RequiredPhysikalisches Kolloquium

Prof. Fazel Tafti, Boston College

Chemistry Insights into Physics Problems

Physikalisches Kolloquium
02.11.202315:3046/576Dr. Nathan Harshman, American UniversityBeyond Braids: Anyons and Topology in One DimensionTheoretisch Physikalisches Kolloquium
06.11.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Bärbel RethfeldUltrafast dynamics of laser-excited solids: from "hot electrons" to "phase explosion"Physikalisches Kolloquium
10.11.202310:0046/387-388Prof. Dr. Sabine Maier
University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Bottom-up Fabrication and Electronic Structure of Atomically Precise 2D Organic Networks and 2D Transition Metal HalidesLaser- und Quantenoptikseminar
13.11.202317:1546/270Distinguished Lecture Prof. Yoichiro Tanaka, IEEE Magnetics SocietyMagnetic Data Storage Technology: From the Invention of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording to Social IntegrationPhysikalisches Kolloquium
20.11.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Randall Goldsmith, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Label-free observation of single solution-phase molecules using optical microcavities

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 Physikalisches Kolloquium

Dr. Simon Moser
Universität Würzburg

Indenene – a triangular lattice goes topologicalLaser- und Quantenoptikseminar
27.11.202317:1546/270  Physikalisches Kolloquium
04.12.202317:1546/270  Physikalisches Kolloquium
07.12.202315:3046/576Prof. Dr. F. Ednilson A. dos Santos, Federal University of São CarlosTitel folgtTheoretisch Physikalisches Kolloquium
14.12.202315:3046/576Dr. Maria Weseloh, DESY HamburgTitel folgtTheoretisch Physikalisches Kolloquium
18.12.202317:1546/270Dr. Lars Bocklage, DESY HamburgMagnonic control of nuclear resonancesPhysikalisches Kolloquium
22.12.202310:0046/387-388Prof. Dr. Masazumi Fujiwara
Okayama University, Japan
Nanodiamond quantum thermometers and their applicationsLaser- und Quantenoptikseminar
08.01.202417:1546/270Prof. Dr. Markus Gräfe, TU DarmstadtA brief ride through the field of quantum imaging - From fundametals to biomedical applicationPhysikalisches Kolloquium
15.01.202417:1546/270Prof. Dr. Benjamin StadtmüllerAntrittsvorlesungPhysikalisches Kolloquium
22.01.202417:1546/270Dr. Nicholas Karpowicz, Max-Planck-Institut für QuantenoptikTitel folgtPhysikalisches Kolloquium

Gemeinsamer Termin mit Biologie

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Laura Aradilla, Universität des Saarlandes

Microtubule Makeover: Tau’s Influence on Microtubule Lattice DynamicsBiologisch Physikalisches Kolloquium
05.02.202416:0076/276Distinguished Lecture Prof. Manuel Vázquez, Istituto de Ciencia de Materiales de MadridCylindrical Micro- and Nanowires: From Curvature Effects on Magnetization to Sensing ApplicationsDistinguished Lecture Series
05.02.202417:1546/270Dr. Nicholas Karpowicz, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, GarchingTitel folgtPhysikalisches Kolloquium
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