CHE-Ranking 2024: The Department of Physics at the RPTU receives top marks in a national comparison


The Department of Physics at RPTU in Kaiserslautern has again achieved very good results in the latest university ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). Among other things, students praised the general study situation and the organization of studies. The ranking results appear in the new edition of the ZEIT-Studienführer.

RPTU students are extremely satisfied with their physics studies and attest to the excellent study conditions. This is reflected in the rating of the general study situation and the range of courses with 4.3 out of a possible five stars. In addition, the comprehensive support provided by lecturers and the introduction to scientific work (4.4 stars each) as well as the library facilities (4.5 stars) were rated particularly positively. The study organization also received a very good rating (4.6 stars) for the smooth access to courses without overlapping compulsory courses.

The university also scored well in the CHE ranking for other degree programs in the natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics:
In Biology, students rated the organization of studies and the teaching of scientific skills with 4.2 stars each. They are also satisfied with the general study situation and the support provided by lecturers (3.9).
Chemistry also scored very well in terms of study organization (4.6 stars). It also scored well for the teaching of scientific and methodological skills, for which students awarded 4.1 stars each.
Computer Science received top marks for study organization (4.4 stars), library facilities (4.6 stars) and IT infrastructure (4.3 stars). Students also awarded 4.1 stars each for the general study situation and the range of courses.
Mathematics students rate their study conditions very positively in many areas, especially the general study situation and the study organization (4.8 stars each). The support provided by lecturers (4.7 stars), the range of courses on offer, the support during studies and the introduction to scientific work also received very good marks (4.6 stars each).

About the CHE Ranking
In the new comparison of study programs, various criteria - student assessments and facts - are reported. In addition to the general study situation, students also evaluate the courses offered, the support and assistance during their studies and the digital teaching elements. The evaluation is presented on a 5-star scale and the ranking of the Bachelor's programs can be accessed at It will also appear in the next edition of the ZEITStudienführer.


You can find information on the Physics degree program here