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Semesters abroad

Study periods at adequate universities abroad mainly have advantages for students. Therefore, the Department of Physics welcomes and promotes students wishing to spend 1-2 semesters abroad.

The main advantages of studying abroad are faster and more comprehensive learning of a foreign language, familiarisation with a different or at least slightly different cultural environment, i.e. getting to know the country and its people in everyday situations (as opposed to holidays, for example). In contrast to many other subjects, physics is taught the same way everywhere; at most, the content of the teaching differs with regard to the selection and the degree of difficulty.

Despite the structured programmes offered (see below), semesters abroad are always an individual matter. This is why Prof. Dr. James Anglin is available in the Department of Physics as a student advisor for studies abroad.

Planned semesters abroad should be discussed and agreed with him and the respective chairman of the Examination Board - with regard to the possible recognition of credit points acquired abroad - BEFORE commencing studies abroad. Thus, a semester abroad is possible with little or no loss of time.


ERASMUS - Partner universities

Physics students have the opportunity to spend some time abroad at one of our partner universities as part of the ERASMUS programme.

University|City, Country|Information for exchange students

University of Southern Denmark |Odense, Denmark|  here
Université Grenoble Alpes|Grenoble, France
Université Louis Pasteur|Strasbourg, France
University of Florence|Florence, Italy
University of Latvia|Riga, Latvia| here
University of Bialystok|Bialystok, Poland
University of Linköping|Linköping, Sweden| here
Universitat de Barcelona|Barcelona, Spain| here
Universidad de Granada|Granada, Spain| here
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela|Santiago de Compostela, Spain | here
Jan Evangelista Purkyne University |Ùstí nad Labem, Czech Republic

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