Physical colloquium
Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
Laser and quantum optics seminar
Further seminars and lectures

Seminars and lectures in summer semester 2024

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22.04.202417:1546/270Prof. Dr. Randall Goldsmith
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Label-free observation of single solution-phase molecules using optical microactivitiesPhysical Colloquium
25.04.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium



PD Dr. Alexey Filinov
Universität Kiel
tbaLaser and quantum optics seminar

Joint appointment with the Department of Biology

Prof. Dr. Ioachim Pupeza, RPTU Kaiserslautern Landau           


Attosecond-precision control over light opens new avenues toward label-free phenotyping of cells

Biological-Physical Colloquium
02.05.202415:3046/576Omid FaizyAdvancing Single Molecule Quantum Logic Gates without Qubits: Towards Next-Generation QHC Boolean Processing via Periodic-Driven InputsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium
06.05.202417:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
13.05.202417:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
16.05.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium

Prof. Dr. Hannes Pichler
Universität Innsbruck

From quantum many-body physics to quantum computation with Rydberg atom arrays
Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
27.05.202417:1546/270Prof. Mark Saffman
Universität Visconsin, USA
ABCs of Rydberg physics: from Atoms to Bottles to ComputersPhysical Colloquium
03.06.202417:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
06.06.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
10.06.202417:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
13.06.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
17.06.202417:1546/270Prof. Dr. Daniel Braun
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Recent developments in quantum metrology

Physical Colloquium
20.06.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium



Prof. Dr. Ana Asenjo Garcia
Columbia University
tbaLaser and quantum optics seminar
24.06.202417:1546/270Dr. Lars Bocklage
DESY, Hamburg
Magnonic control of nuclear resonancesPhysical Colloquium
27.06.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
01.07.202415:3046/270Prof. Dr. Joseph Thywissen
University of Toronto

Conductivity of a perfect crystal

Physical Colloquium

Dr. Felix Tebbenjohanns

HU Berlin

Correlations of superradiant bursts in large cascaded quantum systems of two-level atomsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium



Prof. Dr. Peter Puschnig
Universität Graz
Titel: t.b.a.Laser- und Quantenoptikseminar

Daniel Brunner

Physics, integration and training of scalable and autonomous Photonic Neural Networks

Physical Colloquium
11.07.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium

Joint appointment with the Department of Biology

Prof. Haim Treves

Exploring the tremendous potential of algal metabolic diversity - The plant metabolism labBiological-Physical Colloquium
18.07.202415:3046/576Wladimir Benalcazar
Emory University
Correlations of superradiant bursts in large cascaded quantum systems of two-level atomsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium
22.07.202417:1546/270Prof. Dr. Luciano Rezzolla
Goethe Universität Frankfurt/Main

M87* and Sgr A*: Imaging supermassive black holes

Physical Colloquium
25.07.202415:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium