Department of Physics

Seminars and lectures in winter semester 2022/23

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17.04.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. G.P. Zhang, Indiana State University"Recent studies of laser-induced ultrafast demagnetization"Physical Colloquium
20.04.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium

Joint lecture with the department of Biology

Prof. Dr. Franziska Lautenschläger, Universität des Saarlandes

Cytoskeletal fibres as builiding blocks for lifeBiological-Physical Colloquium
27.04.202316:3046/576Dr. Simon Jäger, RPTU Kaiserslautern

"Quantum technologies using atomic ensembles with cavity-engineered interactions and dissipation"

Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
04.05.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
08.05.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Rainer Blatt, IQOQI und Universität Innsbruck - ABGESAGTThe Quantum Way of Doing Computations, Simulations and MeasurementsPhysical Colloquium
11.05.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
15.05.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Gaurav Bahl, University of Illinois

Nonreciprocal and robust photonics with light-sound interactions

Physical Colloquium
22.05.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Michael Fleischhauer, RPTU in KaiserslauternSpin physics with Rydberg atoms: From epidemic models to spin liquidsPhysical Colloquium
01.06.202315:3046/576Dr. Tobias Grass, ICFO Institute of Photonic Sciences, BarcelonaOld model new fun: Quantum simulation of Hubbard modelsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium
05.06.202317:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
12.06.202317:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
15.06.202315:3046/576Mrs. Dr. Sarah Loos, University of Cambridge, UKPhase transitions and fluctuations of nonreciprocal many-body systemsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium
19.06.202317:1546/270Dr. Florian Kaiser, LIST LuxemburgtbaPhysical Colloquium


Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
26.06.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Giacomo Roati, Instituto Nazionale di Ottica, CNR-INO, FirenzeEngineering vortex matter in strongly-correlated superfluidsPhysical Colloquium
29.06.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
03.07.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Tilman Enss, Universität HeidelbergQuantum limited transport in ultracold gasesPhysical Colloquium
06.07.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium

Joint lecture with the department of Biology

Prof. Dr. Michael Meinicke, Universität Heidelberg

tbaBiological-Physical Colloquium
13.07.202315:3046/576Mrs. Prof. Dr. Anja Metelmann (KIT Karlsruhe, University of Straßbourg)Dissipation and Nonlinearity as a Resource in Engineered Quantum SystemsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium
17.07.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Volker Schünemann, RPTU in KaiserslauternComplex chemical and biological systems under the magnifying glass of nuclear probesPhysical Colloquium
20.07.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
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