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Some files and links on this page are so far only available in German. If you have any problems with the German language, you are welcome to contact our student counselling or the Examinations Office, where they will be happy to help you.

The department's study guides contain the module manuals and the graphical study plans for the degree programs as well as some important notes and further information on studying.

You will find the relevant documents for the individual degree programs under the following links.

General information - such as career opportunities, prior knowledge for studying, stays abroad and support services - concerning all degree programs at the Department of Physics can be found in the general study guide for the physics degree programs.

Module manuals

All module handbooks of the Department of Physics are listed here and alternatively sorted according to the degree programs below

Bachelor degree programs

Bachelor Physics:

Bachelor Biophysics: 

Bachelor Technophysics: 

Bachelor teacher training Grammar School:

Bachelor teacher training Realschule+:

Bachelor teacher training Vocational School:

Master degree programs

Master Physics:

Master Biophysics: 

Master Technophysics: 

Master teacher training Grammar School:

Master teacher training Realschule+:

Master teacher training Vocational School:

Master Advanced Quantum Physics: 

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Bachelor degree programs

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